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Managed Detection and Response

Most companies don’t have the time or resources to effectively protect the business from cyber security threats. CybIQs offers managed security services so your business can grow without the fear of losing it all to compromised cyber security

Features of our Services

Real-Time Detection 
Real-time identification, analysis and response to advanced attacks

Reduced Response Time
Response time is reduced from days to minutes or hours

Light-weight Endpoint Sensor
Rapid deployment without the requirement for pre-configuration

Incident Response
Unlimited Incident Response, Investigation, and Remediation

Adversary Hunting
Continuous custom and automated  threat hunting

Breach Validation
No alerts, only validated incidents and 95 % reduction in escalations and false positives

Problems we Solve


Alert Fatigue and Log overload

Aggregating logs, sending them to a SIEM and trying to find the needle in the haystack is a difficult endeavour. Hackers are able to hide in the noise and go undetected for months

Detection of fileless attacks

How do you find malware/non-malware that has bypassed all controls? We do this with automated active threat hunting on endpoints and the network

Breach Security
Digital Forensic

Full fidelity forensic capability

We can answer the who, what , where, how questions forensically. Our 

Feel the Absolute

Our clients receive proven and expert management advice, effective services and more. 

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