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How we help this Ontario based dealership improve cyber resilience

The Challenge

Rodney, the head of IT, observed a troubling trend of more employees succumbing to phishing scams, signaling weaknesses in the existing security framework.

The realization that their efforts were insufficient in protecting the IT network and team underscored the urgency for enhanced security measures.

Rodney's reflection, "We always thought we were doing a decent job protecting our IT network and team, but we really lacked visibility to anything that was happening," captures the initial state of underestimation regarding the sophistication of threats and the need for advanced security solutions.

The Solution

The turning point for Rodney came with the deployment of our recommended Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Security Awareness platforms, marking the beginning of a transformative journey in cyber security.

Rodney attests to the significant impact of the MDR's Actions, Recommendations, and Observations (ARO) feature, which not only improved the company's security by at least 75% in the first 30 days but also revolutionized their approach to managing security priorities and defense mechanisms.

A standout instance demonstrating the efficacy of AROs involved the MDR thwarting a phishing attack on an employee by automatically shutting down access to email pending review by an IT administrator, potentially averting a significant data breach. The swift and effective response from the CybIQs team, providing a comprehensive analysis within minutes and offering unwavering support, exemplifies the optimal incident response that every company aspires to achieve.

The Results

The outcomes of implementing these solutions were profound:

  • A 75% elevation in the company's security posture within the initial 30 days, achieved through the utilization of the MDR platform.
  • A notable improvement in employee security practices, with a 50% increase in awareness of phishing techniques, highlighting the effectiveness of the Security Awareness training.
  • The establishment of a highly responsive and skilled cyber security team dedicated to analysis, support, and counsel, ensuring that the company remains prepared and resilient against evolving cyber threats.

This case study underscores the criticality of adopting a proactive and comprehensive approach to cyber security. By leveraging advanced tools like MDR and prioritizing employee awareness, companies can significantly mitigate risks, enhance their defense mechanisms, and cultivate a culture of security that safeguards their most valuable assets against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

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