Global Cellular Connectivity Platform

How we help this global cellular service provider improve cyber resilience

The Challenge

A leading global cellular connectivity platform provider faced significant cybersecurity challenges with an Endpoint Protection solution.

They incurred high operational costs, complex system management, and an excessive volume of alerts leading to alert fatigue. This complexity hindered their ability to efficiently manage cybersecurity risks across their international operations.

The Solution

We advised the company to change their EPP for a Managed Detection and Response solution, a more streamlined and cost-effective cybersecurity solution.

The MDR Solution stood out for its simplicity, automated threat detection, expert-led remediation, and an intuitive interface designed for ease of use without requiring extensive security expertise.

Its integration capabilities allowed for seamless adoption within the company's global IT infrastructure.

The Results

Transitioning to Covalence revolutionized the cellular connectivity provider's cybersecurity strategy:
  • Global Cost Efficiency: The shift to MDR's employee-based pricing model resulted in significant cost savings, particularly beneficial for a company with a large, global workforce.
  • Operational Efficiency: The reduction in alert volume enabled the IT team to concentrate on genuine threats and strategic IT initiatives, improving their operational efficiency worldwide.
  • Enhanced Global Security Posture: MDR's effective threat detection and remediation capabilities ensured a robust security posture across all regions of operation, critical for maintaining the trust of their international customer base.
  • Positive Staff Feedback: IT staff across various regions reported improved ease of managing cybersecurity, with several instances where MDR's automated systems quickly neutralized threats such as sophisticated phishing attacks and ransomware, demonstrating its efficacy in a global context.

The company achieved a balance between cost efficiency, operational simplicity, and robust security measures, illustrating the pivotal role of selecting a scalable and adaptable cybersecurity solution for global enterprises.